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How to view and register on this forum? Empty How to view and register on this forum?

on Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:06 pm
You must register to view this forum by clicking the "Register" button in the menu above, then follow the prompts.
Once you have registered you can then post and add to the forum. If you don't register most info is hidden until you do so.

The registration process is: name, email, password, then there is a code to enter to test if you are human or not, it then sends an email back to the email you gave once all is complete. Once you receive the activation email, read and click the activation link and then you can log in with the user name and password you provided.

Once logged in, your good to go, you'll then be able to type and add all you want so everyone who's registered can see. You can send personal messages inside the forum as well as email, so when they log on they will get an alert that you messaged them.

To look deeper into the forum just click on a heading, like you did to get here and if your logged on click the "Reply" button to add a note underneath or "New Topic" to start a new topic. You'll notice after doing either a panel comes up to type into, when you've finished typing press send and you'll then see your addition underneath. You'll notice in the type panel tools to help style your text, add images etc.

A useful note:  when someone has added something to the forum the left icon will highlight a new color indicating that there is added material on that thread since your last visit.

You can alter your profile so that when someone adds to the forum you can have the forum send you an email so you can return here and check what they added.

Still unclear, click the "Faq" button in the menu above.

PS A quick way to get back to the first page, click the Tess Skiing photo above.
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